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    Dongguan Jingdao Robot Technology Co., Ltd.founded in 2016,  is an industrial intelligent manufacturing solution provider and transmission control professional solution provider that integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. It has a technical R & D and sales team with certain professional quality. With modern management concept, the company specializes in industrial intelligent robot, robot RV Reducer, harmonic reducer, hollow rotating platform, low backlash cycloidal pin gear reducer, precision gear and rod, etc

     With the product upgrading and rapid development of automation, intelligent manufacturing and equipment manufacturing industry in China, as well as the arrival of industry 4.0 era. As a rising star in the industrial automation industry, Jingdao company keeps pace with The Times and meets the tide in response to the 13th five-year Plan of China, thus making friends with some new business strategic partners.Our product technologies are extensive to be used in aerospace, unmanned chemical plant, industrial robot, automatic manipulator, automatic equipment, medical equipment, optical related machinery, metal processing, ceramic manufacturing device, packaging equipment, semiconductor equipment, silk screen printing, knife changing system and other equipment manufacturing industries

    Jingdao company adheres to the management concept of "integrity first, refinement as well as enjoy a great popularity among people" to provide super high quality services for the mechanical automation industry, with the purpose of satisfying customers, continuous efforts to innovation, and committed to pursuing the perfection of Jingdao company

Tel:0769-22015086              Fax:0769-22015091 

Add: Room 601-602, Building A, Honghai Science park, No.2 Xianfeng Rd, Nancheng District Dongguan city, Guangdong Province  

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